Who really has influence over government policy? * Some Princeton researchers have analyzed policies and influence, finding that:

"Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence"

Shocking, right? A long read, but for all the political science scholars out there, very interesting. 

*hint: if you have to ask this, you don't

Go with the stream? Spotify has hit 10 million users, however, streaming will never be profitable. This arrangement doesn't seem to bode well for anyone other than the consumer. Spotify remains strongly ahead of Beats in the streaming market (~10 mil paying customers to Beats' 100-120k), though the Beats - Apple partnership could do wonders for Beats' streaming service.

Speaking of Beats, the guy who designed the Beats headphones received $30,000 & a nice sushi lunch before being sent on his way. Some have expressed their skepticism on the wisdom of the potential Beats-Apple deal, but I personally see it as a great move. Apple can now stick the metaphorical knife in their competitors who have been touting Beats Audio as a selling point (I'm looking at you, HTC & HP). Both companies are masters of brand recognition & getting people to pay a lot for something that cost very little to make. Just think of the partnership possibilities! Apple headphones right now: $29. Apple headphones with Beats Audio: $50? $100? 

There's science behind being a wingman. Collaborative mating, apparently animals do it too. 

"These findings have clarified several truths: we lie to make our friends look better, we utilize cooperative courting techniques to “break barriers” (or, if you’re a female, to put them up), and, most importantly, our dating rituals are no more advanced than those of wild turkeys."

Why am I not surprised?

More feminine women are more attractive to men, but only in healthier countries. A study indicates strong correlations between men's attraction to feminine vs masculine faces and country health. Strangely enough, men in unhealthy places prefer more masculine-looking faces, while those in healthy locations attracted more towards feminine ones. 

Image from the Economist

AuthorIsabel Munson