Econogist was started in 2014 with the goal of making economics and finance simple. 

The majority of information concerning the economy is written in unnecessarily obscure language, making it unreadable to those without in-depth background knowledge. Econogist's original mission was (and still is) to eliminate complexity for complexity's sake. Translation: Call me out if I'm using too much jargon! 

Along this journey for transparency, I (Isabel, see below) discovered that the economy doesn't exist in isolation - theories about it and it's movements are shaped by philosophy, technology, politics, math, and much more. Thus, intersectional economics became the new priority. Disclaimer: my opinions about things have changed as I've learned more, but old pieces remain up for now. I may contradict/shade my past self. 

Today, you'll find pieces on technology, philosophy, feminism, social issues, and more. Hopefully by reading these pieces, you can get informed & start talking. Get the gist? 



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Isabel Munson,

author and creator

I am a tech and economics strategist with a background in economics, math, philosophy, finance, and tech startups! If you like my work here, you can hire me to produce research/strategy materials or create inbound marketing tools. 

In my free time, I produce and DJ all kinds of bass music as Bell Curve. I also love the outdoors, food, and thinking about the impacts of future technology.

Reach me at: isabel@econogist.com.

Personal website: isabelmunson.com



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